Lighttex Daylighting Study. See the results of our daylighting study that demonstrate a strong potential utility for Lighttex Soft Egg Crates in daylighting applications. The study includes Lighttex applied to skylights and windows.

Lighttex Sunblocking Calculator. See the exact percentage of blocked sun for any latitude, longitude, season, specific time and window orientation. Compare the performance of Lighttex to conventional horizontal or vertical blinds/louvers.

Lighttex Virtual Showrooms. Visit our virtual showroom. The warehouse turned gallery space dramatically illustrates the potential signature design and views created when combining flat and curved Lighttex modular panels for ceilings and space dividers.

Productivity Studies. Heschong Mahone Group has conducted numerous studies relating daylighting and view strategies with improvements in morale, productivity, retail sales and student learning rates.

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Daylighting has become more important in recent years. The sustainable design movement has created market drivers that are slowly shifting daylighting back into the mainstream of commercial construction.

Daylighting has been demonstrated in numerous studies to be linked to energy savings, increases in worker productivity, higher student rates of learning, and higher retail sales. People prefer views that enable them to connect with nature and a sense of time. Providing a view to the outside can increase worker morale and productivity.

Skylights, view windows and other daylighting strategies can become potential sources of glare and heat gain from direct sun penetration. Lighttex can intercept daylight entering the space and redistribute it in a soft, diffused light proportional to the amount of direct sun blocked.

You can visit a lot of media companies today and you’ll find the majority of the people don’t see daylight,” says Saf Fahim, Principal of Archronica Architects, architect for the Newsplex project. Fahim conceived a space that utilized Lighttex as walls to enable penetration of daylight and a sense of view into a large multimedia space. “They have absolutely no idea when it’s day when it is night, is it sunny, is it raining - no contact with the outside… Lighttex became what we call a mediator between the inside and the outside. It’s a mediating element that in fact allowed us to break the sunlight which can create a major hot spot—in lighting terms—within the space. It does cut on the sunlight and turns it into a diffused light.