Lighttex is an integration of architecture and space, enabling architects to design flat and curved ceilings that appear as luminous floating elements, while providing soft light distribution. Various dramatic lighting effects can be achieved through the placement and color of light sources.

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Daylighting has become more important in recent years due to growing interest in sustainable design. When used as a window and skylight covering, Lighttex diffuses direct sunlight, while maintaining the outside view. In daylighting simulations, Lighttex has been demonstrated to provide uniform lighting and balanced brightness—minimizing glare and heat gain. Visit our daylighting page to learn more about the emerging importance of daylighting in our daily lives and how Lighttex can support your daylighting goals.
Lighttex™ is a unique, architectural material derived from a proven light-diffusing solution used by the nation’s top cinematographers and photographers to achieve complete lighting control for their projects. Lighttex is comprised of modular, flame-resistant, inter-locking cloth grids that diffuse and control light distribution in a space while providing a sense of openness.
Lighttex can be used to create walls and space partitions that breathe light through daylight penetration. At an angle, the wall appears opaque, creating a sense of privacy, and yet when viewing the material directly it becomes transparent, creating a sense of openness.