Lighttex Canada, Inc. is the sister company of Lighttools™, a manufacturer of light control screens for the cinematography and photography industries. Lighttools' flagship product, Soft Egg Crates™, has been praised for its large-scale light control capabilities by leading cinematographers such as Thomas Ackerman, ASC (Anchorman, Snowdogs, Rat Race, Jumanji), Theo Van De Sande, ASC (High Crimes, Cruel Intentions Blade, Miracle Mile), and Dante Spinotti, ASC (L.A. Confidential, Heat, Bandits, Last of the Mohicans). Lighttools Soft Egg Crates have also been embraced by leading still photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Gregory Heisler, Michael Grecco and many others. Lighttex extends the patented Soft Egg Crate technology into architecture, design and showroom display to effectively control and distribute daylight and artificial light and to define space and enhance the synergy of colour and texture.
Lighttex is commercially available as a modular architectural material that can serve three primary applications:
+ as walls and space partitions
+ as window/skylight egg crates
+ as curved or flat luminous ceilings

We want to work closely with architects and designers to extend the potential of Lighttex and we proudly announce our Partnership in Development Program to serve your custom needs.

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