Lighttex Canada, Inc. was launched in 2004 to offer Lighttex™ Soft Egg Crates™ to the architectural, design and building markets. The sister company, Lighttools, was founded in 1996, designing, manufacturing and selling lighting accessories to the photographic and cinematography industries. Both companies share a manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Canada.

In November 2002, Lighttex wall and ceiling systems were introduced to the market in a large-scale, high-profile installation called Newsplex, located in South Carolina. This application explored the utility of the Lighttex product in architectural applications, and proved a successful pilot installation. In this project, Lighttex was used as a material for walls, enabling interior occupants to have an outside view, breathe daylight deep into the space, and create a sense of transparency for this busy media center.

Since the pilot installation, the Lighttex product has been made more accessible for the architectural market, with enhancements made to simplify installation and improve overall fit and finish. Lighttex uses modular construction, making installation considerably less labor-intensive. Material and manufacturing technology improvements optimize the efficiency and appearance of Lighttex.

We invite architects, designers and artists to partner with us to push the limits of Lighttex. The Lighttex Partnership in Development Program offers you the opportunity to use Lighttex creatively with the full support of our custom-engineering department, computer simulation modeling, and co-marketing opportunities. Click here to learn more.

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